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(on Wikipedia) [ 1 ] Forsaken (archive)

Aliens come to ruin an already-ruined earth.. which also already has aliens.

Quite an excellent game.

  • abandoned -- The original URL doesn't even redirect to an archive page.

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After meeting people trying to make it big in Hollywood movies, a criminal weans himself off of his old life to try it for himself.

Maybe it's because I saw it "back in the day", but even after re-watching it I still really like it.

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The real meowro
The real meowro

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Something about alien technology being invented on Earth for some reason, and when an engine is shot it somehow makes a SuPerHERo, and something about the tesseract which I think was the invention but isn't it a power stone?

It's awesome. It must be awesome, because anyone who doesn't think it's awesome hates women. So I'm told. No really, all the movie people and reviewers and media all say that. Well ahead of time. As if they knew it wouldn't be a good movie ahead of time and wanted an excuse for all the "troll reviews".

  • aka Captainelle Marvelette, the SuPerHERo flim.

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my fork: (documentation)

A tool which listens to keys and, using the Lua programming language, lets you remap them to other features.

It is useful for Using a second USB keyboard for macros.

You'll definitely want to see key remapping.lua which is a complete tutorial.

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