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Princess Mononoke - (1997 movie) poster

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was movies.disney.com/princess-mononoke (purged)

Servants of the emperor wage war with ancient gods to dominate the land for iron, forcing innocents into the crossfire, but a prince of a lost tribe adventures to save himself and the land from the resulting curse.

Throughout the movie, there are men used as comedic relief and women as brave and smart.

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WarGames - (1983 movie) poster

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A hacker screws around with a game company's server, causing an artificial intelligence to stir up the military.

Both quaint and awesome. It doesn't hold up over time, so it does have to be understood in the context of it's era. Still recommended if you're old enough to do so.

  • Trailer
  • was mgm.com/#/our-titles/2117/WarGames ( apparently abandoned by mgm )

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Footnotes Made Easy icon-128x128

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A simple footnotes plugin which uses the (( syntax.

Great, but abandoned and so I'll have to look for a replacment.

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H+꞉ The Digital Series - (2012 show) image

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was hplusdigitalseries.com

The world goes to shit because people want Facebook in their brains.

I really have no idea what's going on with this; it hops around to different groups and story and timelines..

  • Properly titled H+: The Digital Series
  • Abandoned - A second season was announced, but then there was dead air.

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A web browser that uses components from Chrome to build a more security-conscious browser which also has a server-independent commenting mechanism like an old ICQ project had.

Like Chrome, it's missing fundamental things.

  • Abandoned - As of 2022-02-18 - The project was to be reworked to be based on Firefox instead of Brave, but that didn't seem to get off the ground.

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