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An unknown event gave alternate-past Victorian Londoners a random superpower, and their numbers became pronounced enough to attract the attention of worried politicians. Or something.

Really interesting! I guess it's worth watching, but it slide sideways and got too strange to follow. It really needed more seasons to figure it's shit out, but the woke brigade MeToo-dogpiled Joss Whedon without evidence so he got shunned.

  • Abandoned - Drama

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Does things and stuff.

I needed this to clear phone logs on my Doogee X20 because it was modified by the communist Chinese to be unable to do it natively.

  • Abandoned

    • It was taken from the Google Play store, even though it's still referenced on their website.
    • It does not work on Android 12.

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BeautySnap - (Android spyware) icon

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(on Google Play)
(on F-Droid)
was loverscamera.com

A Chinese spyware/backdoor application default-installed and uninstallable on cheap Chinese mobile phones.

  • Abandoned: Not updated, and the domain is gone.

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Terra Nova - (2011 show) image

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Following a colony in prehistoric times founded by people from the future.

Kinda okay I guess; the people are pretty.

  • Abandoned: Although successful, only one season was produced.

    • I bet it was cancelled because that first season ended weak.

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Outcasts - (2011 show) image

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Colonists from a ruined Earth struggle to survive on a distant world.

I don't like the characters, and it's boring..

  • Abandoned - Only one season was produced.

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The Peripheral - (2022 show) image

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A woman witnesses and participates in things she becomes a person of interest for.

Although not immediately spectacular, it seems good enough.

  • Inspired by The Peripheral - (2014 book), by William Gibson
  • Although it was picked up for another season, it was killed no thanks to various strikes.

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Princess Mononoke - (1997 movie) poster

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was movies.disney.com/princess-mononoke (purged)

Servants of the emperor wage war with ancient gods to dominate the land for iron, forcing innocents into the crossfire, but a prince of a lost tribe adventures to save himself and the land from the resulting curse.

Throughout the movie, there are men used as comedic relief and women as brave and smart.

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WarGames - (1983 movie) poster

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A hacker screws around with a game company's server, causing an artificial intelligence to stir up the military.

Both quaint and awesome. It doesn't hold up over time, so it does have to be understood in the context of it's era. Still recommended if you're old enough to do so.

  • Trailer
  • was mgm.com/#/our-titles/2117/WarGames ( apparently abandoned by mgm )

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