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As a user, I would be willing to have a tab in my browser perform computing such as crypto currency mining. I would be willing to do this in lieu advertising.

This is essentially a donation feature. While it wouldn't displace all forms of advertising, it would certainly be a good option for websites who want a direct conversion between visits and crypto currency.

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Brave is a web browser that uses components from Chrome to build a more security-conscious browser which also has an alternate advertising mechanism with revenue sharing.

Like Chrome, it's missing fundamental things.

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A software application that can block ads from being displayed on your web browser.

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Privoxy is a non-caching web proxy with advanced filtering capabilities for enhancing privacy, modifying web page data and HTTP headers, controlling access, and removing ads and other obnoxious Internet junk.

I experimented with cliget during my replacing web browser components project. I was interested in replacing Greasemonkey and Stylish, Adblock (now I use Adblock Latitude), Change Referer Button, etc. While I did get it working, I didn't stick with it.

Polipo + adzapper

While Replacing Firefox, I wanted to look into a solution for abstracting out advertisement blocking.

I failed.

  • Polipo makes downloading from file-hosting sites hang up regularly, starting at 15MB. May be a mis-configuration.
  • I have Firefox set up to let me type single words into the location bar to trigger its search feature. Polipo breaks this, trying to go to http://keyword Multiple keywords work, so this is rather strange.

See also Ad-blocking with Polipo

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update: Google Advertising Opt-Out add-on: updated for Firefox 3.5[unknown prefix: Google Advertising Opt-Out add-on]

Did you know about this? I didn't.  Thanks to some random surfing and an EFF post, I just learned of it.

With this browser plugin you can permanently opt out of the DoubleClick cookie, which is an advertising cookie that Google uses. The plugin lets you keep your opt-out status for this browser even when you clear all cookies.

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