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Purification of the mind, body, and spirit.

Aikido training may be looked upon as a means of purifying oneself; eliminating defiling characteristics from one's mind or personality. Although there are some specific exercises for misogi practice, such as breathing exercises, in point of fact, every aspect of aikido training may be looked upon as misogi. This, however, is a matter of one's attitude or approach to training, rather than an objective feature of the training itself.

  • Misogi Kokyuho is a practice of the founder of ki-Aikido.

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Aikido terms: Hara (腹) is one's center of mass, located about 2" below the navel. Traditionally this was thought to be the location of the spirit/mind/(source of ki).

Zen: Hara or tanden is the lower dantian dantian. It is the area a few inches below the navel. It is where one focuses awareness in much of zazen practice.