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Don't mistake this for the movie Alien - (1979 movie)

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A tool to convert between package management types.

Mandatory for getting software working which does not have a maintainer for one's current distribution.

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TODO - add my notes, and scripts (gone as of 2016-03-31)

Corrects busted VBR records in MP3s.

I most notably use this program with my script

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TODO - add additional notes

eCryptfs honey badger

encryption >

(on Wikipedia)

A cryptographic filesystem.

An absolutely mandatory concept and program.

  • Be aware that attacks on people, hardware and implementation are the go-to methods for defeating encryption. Some points:

    • A legal or physical threat, lies and other social engineering.
    • A hardware or software keylogger. Are you typing your password on a keyboard and computer you control?
  • is my helper script.

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