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A buddy cop series, but with aliens, with overtones of very difficult social topics.

This is surprisingly good, either in addition to, or separate from, the movie. While I didn't particularly like the movie, this series is recommended. Anyone who liked the original movie[doesn't exist] should definitely continue the franchise with this series.

  • This continues from Alien Nation - (1988 movie), including a story arc.

    • I don't know what it is about the series, but it has left a much stronger positive impression than the film.

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Alien Nation (1988) poster

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A rough and tough detective is begrudgingly partnered with the first detective of alien refugees, and they follow the trail of his previous partner's death.

Does not stand the test of time at all. The cop-buddy thing has been done to death since then and probably soils a more recent re-watch of this movie.

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