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Chocolatey: gimp

An incredibly capable (and therefore very convoluted) image editor.

I use this:

  • GNU Image Manipulation Program
  • Often called "The Gimp".

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Chocolatey: 7zip

An archival program.

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Star Control - (1990 game) DOS cover

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A basic top-down shooter.

Doom - (1993 game) DOS cover

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A first-person shooter.

This page deals with both the original and various open source efforts.

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DOSBox icon

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A DOS emulation program.

Absolutely essential for emulating DOS not just within Windows or a traditional Linux environment, but within ARM/Linux as well, for palmtops and phones.

For games I've played via it, see /tag/dosbox-games (although the tag is new and not populated well)

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Doom II

  • aka Doom II: Hell on Earth


  1. Doom - (1993 game)
  2. Doom II - (1994 game)

The last level from Doom 2 has a certain sound which I've heard in movies. Perhaps it came from somewhere else, but I'm forever calling it the Doom sound.