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A chunky rectangle that's like a phone and a tablet with a pen.

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A fantastic mid-range phone, notable for a 6,150 mAh battery, NFC and near-stock Android 10.

  • Abandoned, as CVE-2022-0847 was not fixed.
  • Subject to the dirty Pipe security exploit (CVE-2022-0847).
  • The whole company is not recommended, as they neither update their devices nor even remove spam on their forum e.g. this.

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A very inexpensive yet capable phone.

At a glance, it seems okay. Android and every app I've seen have many UI flaws, but that's not the X20's fault.

After a week of use, I have to say this is a fantastic phone. It's the perfect beginner's smartphone and there's nothing I've done that's been limited in any way whatsoever by its specifications. I have not run out of storage or memory.. not even close. Do note that I haven't played any games, and I probably never will.

I am really ticked that it doesn't have OTG support, so I can't use the microSD for anything but charging. Powering off, pulling my charging dongle out, removing the half-case, removing the battery cover, removing the battery and moving the SD card back and forth is an awful, awful, way for me to edit files.

  • The minimum volume is way too loud.

  • The bottom microUSB port works for a USB key.
  • Warning: See BLU Products for drama surrounding a company that deals with Doogee products. It has spyware.
  • Warning: Has BeautySnap - (Android spyware) (which might be uninstallable)
  • Abandoned - As of 2023-02-20 it was never updated in all this time.

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