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An archival utility.

I've been using this for a hell of a long time.

  • aka WinRAR, for its Windows versions.
  • After this, I used 7zip
  • Before this, I used zip

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A DOS emulation program.

Absolutely essential for emulating DOS not just within Windows or a traditional Linux environment, but within ARM/Linux as well, for palmtops and phones.

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(on Wikipedia)

The king of video players.

On Windows, this is especially-king because the user doesn't have to figure out and download various shady codecs.

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A web browser which is essentially a fork of Firefox. Pale Moon keeps the simpler UI before the astonishingly terrible changes Firefox made.

A very good browser. Newer addons targeting the latest Firefox which are addicted to its new interface will not work with Pale Moon, since Pale Moon lacks that interface. Older addons or proper UI-agnostic addons will work fine.

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