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A client renown for actually being developed.

Oh my god it's like I'm the first person to look at the website or use the program.

  • php-like scripting language
  • Can interact with the shell

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Like scrabble with words, assemble phrases to do varying degrees of insult-damage.

This definitely should appeal to some people, but it doesn't appeal to me. I think this would be especially attractive to people with an Android phone.

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Chocolatey: vlc

The king of video players.

On Windows, this is especially-king because the user doesn't have to figure out and download various shady codecs.

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A BitTorrent client.

I used to love it, but it gave up Gnutella functionality so it's useless. I wonder if old versions are still good..

  • It was originally a fork of LimeWire [ 1 ] That page may also have relevant notes.

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1. That page may also have relevant notes.
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A DOS emulation program.

Absolutely essential for emulating DOS not just within Windows or a traditional Linux environment, but within ARM/Linux as well, for palmtops and phones.

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