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Hackers (1995) poster

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Haunted by a criminal hacking change in his youth, a genius highschool student revives those skills when he makes new friends and discovers a nefarious plot from Superman III (1983).

This movie is comically fun with enough nods to actual stuff to make it laugh-out-loud for its superiors. I don't know if (or how) I could recommend this to anyone for any reason. It's dated in every respect, unrealistic and cheesy with no sign if that's intentional or not.. yet somehow I enjoy it.

I'd say it's worth watching for anyone born in the late 70s and early 80s who was into tech in their youth. Even then it's a weak recommendation. For anyone else, pass. Just. Just pass.

See also Hackers.

Salt (2010) poster 2

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CIA agent Salt is accused by a walk-in Russian defector of being a Soviet spy.

This leverages actual Cold War issues into a reasonable plot and interesting action. Though I only vaguely liked it, because the general movie type isn't my thing, I would recommend this for fans of action movies. This is not a spy movie, as such.

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