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I'll add notes when I re-watch this.

Akira (1988) poster

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In a future Tokyo which has survived a massive explosion, a highschool student motorcycle gang stumbles into a military research program whose earlier efforts lead to that disaster, and they become embroiled in the revived project.

A genre-defining movie on so many levels. It portrays a world unique to those unfamiliar with manga (a form of Japanese comics) and has both great storytelling and incredible animation.

Space Adventure Cobra (1982) poster

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A space-pirate with a huge bounty on his head shags a hottie who turns out to be a crazy magic-woman who was whoring herself so he'll help her.

This is probably good if you're into anime. I'm not, so it's exaggerated and boring to me. Maybe I'm disinterested because it builds on the universe of a whole manga and not much could fit into the length of this movie.

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