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incomplete - the database-part seems good, but I need to continue through with the files-part.

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Migrating WordPress from one web hosting company to another.

The goal is to have a blog installation which is active and working, and will never be disabled and cannot be damaged in any way, and to copy it to a new place. For my tests, I used an entirely new host using a new "practice" domain name.

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A straightforward mirroring tool, with scheduling, exclusion and other useful features.

Instead of fucking around with some sort of special utility, Karen's Replicator just does the job.

I believe this was my first introduction to her software.

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UPDATE C.P. Williams has commented with his interest in revisiting Karen's software. Encourage him at

I just now learned that Karen Kenworthy, the author of a great number of excellent tools, is dead. All my heroes are dying.


I'd like to thank the outpouring of support for this great programmer and person. Though I did not know her myself, I feel strongly about this topic and am glad it has attracted readers.

Whenever you act as a consumer -- use a piece of software, watch a video or read an article or just a comment -- and it brightens your day or informs your life, please think about leaving even the smallest reply. These matter more than you may ever realize.

One moment of your writing will impact uncounted hours of a person's future efforts. One minute of your time will brighten years for another. If all we have is kindness, maybe that's the one thing that another might need.

If something matters to you, then you matter to it.

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Try harder - This is probably work tinkering with a little more.

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5.6.32 tested 2015-11-15, on Pale Moon 25.7.3 (x64), on Windows 10, updated automatically.

I don't know how to use this. There is no toolbar icon available. Presumably this is a Pale Moon issue.

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