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  • You own a PlayStation 2
  • You own official PlayStation 2 discs

    • PlayStation 1 discs will also be researched.

The use cases are much the same as with DVD ripping:

  • Back discs up before disc rot sets in.
  • Rip discs and keep them safe

    • e.g. parents with little kids who damage discs.
  • Playing on a PlayStation 2 which has a broken DVD drive.

I never really got around to pursuing this as a proper project.

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Try harder - This is probably worth tinkering with a little more.

Complete YouTube Saver icon

[ 1 ] was

5.6.32 tested 2015-11-15, on Pale Moon 25.7.3 (x64), on Windows 10, updated automatically.

I don't know how to use this. There is no toolbar icon available. Presumably this is a Pale Moon issue.

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1. was
rsync logo

(on Wikipedia)

Smart synchronization / excellent mirroring program

Though legendarily-difficult to comprehend, it does work well.

If you are a beginner, AVOID THIS PROGRAM! .. you will hate your life.

  • NOTE - I have included some very old notes.

  • Remote synchronization

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