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TODO - add my notes, and scripts

2019-12-05 - Is this abandoned? I can't find a home page even though it's in the official Debian repository. [ 1 ] gone as of 2016-03-31 -

Corrects busted VBR records in MP3s.

I most notably use this program with my script

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Software > Video editing >

(on Wikipedia)

I don't really care about this, but I do use it occasionally to cut apart videos.

Quite straightforward to use for simple video editing and appending. It took me almost no time to learn.

Good for transcoding.

  • I use avidemux_gtk

    • there is also avidemux2_cli

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TODO - make a proper page

TODO - my LibriVox setup notes -

Chocolatey: audacity
(on Wikipedia)

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