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41 - (2012 movie) poster

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A student is approached by his future-self, and is sent into a time loop when he ignores his own advice.

Quite a good movie. With a great pace and a particularly good sound track, I found this quite emotional.

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These Final Hours (2013) poster

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A meteor (I think) strikes the Atlantic Ocean, sending tidal waves that not only scour shores but destroy entire continents, the resulting wave of which approaches Australia. Except the tidal wave is made of fire for some reason.

I've not much to say about it. It's a decent movie.

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Bastardy (2008) poster

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A documentary that follows Jack Charles for seven years.

A thoughtful movie that focuses more on his fallen-lifestyle than his rise, success, fall and recovery. Though it was not its intention to, I find this movie reveals a lot about how fallen men are treated. No respect, no concern, no support. Acting out and desperation are treated as crimes, not cries.

  • Jack Charles, aka Jackie Charles.
  • "Bastardy" is illegitimacy.
  • Jack Charles on IMDB
  • While Jack is notable, and Bastardy won the 2009 AFI Award for Best Feature-Length Documentary, this film has no Wikipedia entry. I feel that says a lot.

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