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Provides a reasonable environment for working with Git while trapped on Windows. A console window with Bash, various everyday linux console applications, and git.

I loved it, and used it regularly for sane scripting when trapped on Windows, via bash, as well as for git itself.

I replaced it with Cygwin/Babun.

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So I've been farting around after a long break from doing much of anything on Linux.  I was prompted by my new hard drive arriving.

I spent some time migrating data from five separate hard drives and a stack of DVDs.  One of my next goals was to get backups working, so that I can back up from my SSD to this new drive.

I have an old backup script, but I decided that I could spend this afternoon screwing around with it to optimize it a little.

Using the wonderful mcedit which comes with Midnight Commander, I hacked away.  Linux being what it is, there was a tangled horror of stuff I needed to try to remember, look up through my notes, get answers to and/or figure out.

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Holy shit. I was able to complete my largest and most complex shell script to date,  It was a nearly total rewrite of a series of scripts that act as an automated testing environment.

That sounds fancy, but it's not.  The basic idea is that as you edit, you save a lot.  Well, I do.  Now every time I save, the change is noticed and the script is run automatically. It even goes one step further, doing some debugging if your script fails to run.

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I've been doing some work on a scripting test environment which would automatically run a test suite while I'm editing, triggered when I save.

I've already completed a rather complex version of it.. well I've completed three versions of it.

  1. Bash
  2. Boo
  3. Zsh

I want to merge all this effort into one mega-script which can be easily adapted to any scripting/programming language. Therein lies the problem. There are some tricks which I want to invoke in a bash and zsh environment in order to do some extra debugging.

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