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A documentary about Robert Crumb.

A lineage of broken genetics is passed on to children, one of whom drew odd things oddly and got famous because normies couldn't or wouldn't do it. He got and stayed famous because he got there first. Everyone fawns over him to be cool.

There's a lot of anti-consumerism, anti-industry and general cultural critique. Unfortunately, the whole thing gets interesting only in the latter third, and the good cultural critique is scattered throughout that.

All things considered, this isn't a great movie, an interesting person or an interesting topic. For people unaware of the reality, this shows the broken side of certain kinds of artist.

Not recommended.

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A black man is black and something something racism white men are bad but that's totally not racist.

Oh god this is so bad. I gave this more than a half an hour and I was bounced between being insulted, offended, angered and bored.

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Underground - (1997 book), by Suelette Dreyfus and Julian Assange cover

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Note that there is an updated print edition.

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