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A BitTorrent client.

I use this because it's cross-platform, not just Windows and Linux, but also Linux/ARM, for my CubieTruck and Raspberry Pi.

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GTorrentViewer is a GTK2-based viewer and editor for BitTorrent meta files. It is able to retrieve information from trackers, check files, show detailed information, and modify .torrent files without having to start downloading.

The purpose of GTorrentViewer is to give the ability to see and modify all the possible information from .torrent files without having to start downloading and the ability to see in real time the current number of seeds and peers on the torrent, so you will always know the status before start the download.

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A BitTorrent client that I used and loved for some time, before I experienced some really terrible problems. I abandoned it, but if I ever look at new clients, I'll definitely have to check this out again.

One of it's chief benefits is the ability to throttle its bandwidth. It's a rare and powerful ability, and is something that's normally only available at the firewall/router level. I hope there have been a number of other clients out there which have this functionality now, cause I just can't use Deluge.

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