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  • 2015-12-10 -- I haven't used the Compiled Website in a very long time, and have been chipping away at it before I entirely kill that projects. BlogText with WordPress has made that possible.
  • 2015-06-21 -- I've been using BlogText and tags with excellent success. I've been happy enough that I'll be obsoleting the Compiled Website project so I can unlearn programming.
  • 2014-08-04 -- I did end up implementing the Compiled Website, although as of 2014-08-04 I haven't used it or updated its programming for some time.

Blogging is an interesting concept. It's something I've toyed with since before the term was coined.

It's never seemed to be particularly useful to me. Each item is a kind of pointless bit of gossip whose usefulness is at first questionable and which becomes less and less valuable over time.

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