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An underclass punk, returning from a ten month flight from the country, happens upon a suicide that reveals that she is part of a larger picture.

The lead actor is particularly good, as is all the acting. The story is poor in a number of places, and it is particularly jarring to have literal-faggotry forced into it. I don't mind there happening to be gay characters, but when they're gay characters being gay because gayness yay gay gay as opposed to just being people who happen to be gay, it's so obvious and so insulting as to taint the whole fucking show.

I'll flag this as liked and lightly-recommended. It's really not all that awful, but it rubs me the wrong way. It's like girly science fiction drama-whatever.


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Two priests, exiled to an island in the middle of nowhere in Ireland, try to make due.

A mid-1990s British comedy with a laugh track. If you aren't positive you can handle that, then pass. It has only a few moments, but is otherwise crap.

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Guild bounty hunters hunt bounties and stuff.

I like it so far.

I am reminded of Firefly - (2002 TV show).

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