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A man travels back in time to save the husband of the woman he grew up idolizing.

Not a terrible movie, but it really breaks down into a confusing mess past the half-way mark. It does make up for things near the end though, which is a good recovery. So for a direct-to-video movie, it does pretty good for itself.

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Evil returns to find Ash.

Playful. It is clearly capitalizing on the success of the franchise, but it's not really interesting to me, as though it's stretching out the story ideas. It's okay, though not especially recommended. I watched a bit of it, but I'd rather do other things with my life.

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A group of friends visits a cabin in the woods, where research on The Necronomicon was recently done and has possessed the area.

I hate hate hate horror movies, but this kindof isn't one. This is absolutely mandatory viewing.