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I darken its background colour
I darken its background colour

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Chocolatey: babun

A customized Cygwin for Linux on Windows: Zsh, Bash, git and other Linux software, all pre-configured.

Can install other software provided by Cygwin.

  • 712, 774 - apparently abandoned, last updated 2016-05-02.

    • The main contributors are still alive, I see them posting on their Twitters.
    • I'll likely move to pure Cygwin, and get my common applications installed. That should be easy, but who the hell knows with Linux.

My configuration specific to Babun is currently scattered throughout my git repository, just findinall Babun (using my findinall() )

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(on Wikipedia)

Various GUI and console utilities to do technical stuff on Windows.

Although I don't actively use this, I easily consider this suite mandatory.

  • I may have used this on my Windows 9x days.

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Chocolatey logo

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A Linux-style package manager for Windows.

stuff I installed using Chocolatey


choco install
choco install irfanview
choco install irfanviewplugins
choco install sumatrapdf
choco install sumatrapdf.commandline

Other notable:

choco install vcredist-all

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TODO - add my notes, and scripts

Imagemagick logo

(on Wikipedia)

ImageMagick is a software suite to create, edit, compose, or convert bitmap images.

It's pretty fucking magickal.

  • TODO - I didn't note the actual commands I use

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7zip logo

(on Wikipedia)
Chocolatey: 7zip

An archival program.

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Midnight Commander tiny logo
Midnight Commander desktop icon

(on Wikipedia)
Chocolatey: mc

A commandline file manager.

Particularly easy to use and featureful. I consider this an essential tool, but usually forget it exists.

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