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An email client.

POP3, POP before SMTP, APOP, IMAP4rev1, IMAP over SSH, IMAP CAPABILITY, mh, SMTP, SMTP AUTH, NNTP, SSL/TLS, full OpenPGP support, external editors, filtering, muliple identities. Good multilanguage and character set support.

Light and capable.

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Followup YouTube+RSS-related stuff is in Atheist YouTube channels, now gone

Warning: This post contains everyday language. It's one thing to be polite, but I need to stress the importance of the destruction of usability-apathy. There's no room to be nice here.

I was intending to do a decent post every day, but I got really burned out. Why? I've been struggling with several different programs over the last couple of weeks. I've been sick and tired of the clumsiness that my apathy has allowed.

I think everyone has a sort of apathy towards usability issues. We take them as excusable or as some sort of status quo "that's just the way it is". I'm sick and fucking tired of that. Seriously.

I strongly appreciate a single-application single-tasking environment, because it forces you into a totally different mindset from the flurry of activity and noise one always has on an everyday "multitasking" computing environment these days.  But since most of my day is spent completely surrounded by multiple applications all vying for my attention, I've come to expect to be able to swap my attention around whenever I want.

But there are situations and applications which explicitly deny multitasking.


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