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I don't know if I'll ever care to replace Git on Windows with this, but it's noted here nonetheless.

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A library used by addons to allow for advanced item searches.

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Replaces the spam of meters being posted in chat into a link which can be clicked for a popup of it.

Very very useful for de-cluttering chat.

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World of Warcraft > AddOns >


Customises the signon/signoff messages for friends and guildies.

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Modifies the garrison mission UI to make it a bit friendlier. Some features:

  • Automated mission completion mode - skip all those annoying animations
  • Adds skill summary info to the mission list
  • Binds the close button in the mission detail list to the ESC key
  • Right click follower to add to mission
  • Auto-add followers to missions if they are the only level-appropriate follower with a needed skill
  • Adds counters to the follower detail page, to help you balance skills
  • Adds time a follower will return from mission to the list
  • Outputs mission results, follower XP gains and loot to the chat frame

Absolutely essential for WoD

I also use Garrison Mission Manager TODO

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World of Warcraft > AddOns >

  • Filter

    • Hide reputation, loot, currency, experience and gold messages. You can hide all the junk loot messages generated by the group, yourself or both. You may even set a item quality limit to what is hidden or not.
  • Timing

    • You can group up several messages and generate a report of all changes that have happened in a specific time interval or after combat has ended. This helps avoid spam during fights.
  • Extra

    • Pet Battle messages can be neatly summarized. Hover tooltips when you mouse over hyperlinks in the chat. Class coloring of names.

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