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All information should be free from restriction and immortal, and this applies to music; the one thing which any everyday person is most enthusiastic about.  We want to find and share it.  But most importantly, we want to keep it alive .

Imagine finding your favourite artist and your favourite song.  Then imagine it being lost, unavailable.. forever.  The song itself may become a vague memory in time, but there will always be that sadness in you.  With regular software or other media there is the occasional archivist who will collect and catalog things.

With music, everyone becomes an archivist .

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This was a working logo
This was a working logo

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Oldschool Linux was to have been usable as a general-purpose light Linux distribution, with a focus on oldschool platform and operating system emulation/virtualization, demos, games, art and music.

Its target era was to be pre-Windows: DOS, Commodore 64, Amiga, Atari, etc. Software will be Linux-native where possible, but two-stage software will be examined .. such as emulating DOS to run a DOS program.

  1. Platform Emulation (DOS: DOSBox and DOSEMU, other platforms like Commodore 64, Amiga, Atari)
  2. Console Platform Emulation (NES, Sega Genesis, Arcade, etc)
  3. Virtualization
  4. Demos (intros, demos, megademos, democomp-related stuff)
  5. Art (ASCII, ANSI, pixel, etc)
  6. Music (MODs etc, c64 SID, and more)
  7. Games (Free, not abandonware - either platform-specific, console or arcade games)

    1. This is a secondary interest.

It was to be a consumer distribution, and not a producer distribution. To be distributed with media viewers/players as well as actual content. It was to be a branch off of the Unity Linux base. It never made it past the planning stages.

Oldschool-Windows and producer editions were far-future ideas.

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Oldschool music, Commodore 64 > Commodore SID

(on Wikipedia)
HardSID Linux Driver

A hardware card to use a Commodore 64 SID chip and authentically play its music.

  • Abandoned.


It's been quite some time, and the website isn't working.

The moderator of the mailing list was quick to approve my signup.

Sandor reports that the home page had hosting issues and now they've moved to Facebook

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Shadowmaster, co-founder of the Carcass Creation Service, is often regarded as one of the most innovative and talented artists in the history of NTSC. His mastery of 3 colour pictures, his obsession with death, his strange sense of humour and the Carcass Creation Service will be his scene legacy the day he decides to call it quits.

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