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I wanted a website.

I had philosophical issues with core features in existing software. This was from poor past experiences with database corruption, reliance on server software and more. Writing on that will be saved for another time.

I spent a reasonable amount of time going through website engine software, and these are my notes.

There are more notes somewhere or other, which will find their way up here.

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The Compiled Website project is the engine running

I've made some astounding progress in recent days, and it's now at the point where I can create and edit documents as I wish.  The only critical feature I'm missing is the creation of lists of mixed-type; both ordered and unordered.

I took some time and cleaned up my TL;DR introduction page.  In particular I've written my compiled website reasoning.

The compiled website project is pretty much the death knell for this blog.  Useful stuff that's stuck here is now in line to be imported into

But before that happens, I think I'll implement a site RSS feed so that people can stay up-to-date as they wish, and I can create temporal posts like blog entries.

So I've been working on my Compiled Website, and doing some more complex stuff like working with blocks of text to turn them into lists or <pre> blocks.  Then I decided to be self-abusing and rewrite some code that dealt with HTMLizing plain text URLs.  Hey, i can do that with a regular expression!  Oh hell..

Regular expressions are a nightmare at best.  The problem is ever-worsened the longer the expression needs to become.

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