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A documentary about Robert Crumb.

A lineage of broken genetics is passed on to children, one of whom drew odd things oddly and got famous because normies couldn't or wouldn't do it. He got and stayed famous because he got there first. Everyone fawns over him to be cool.

There's a lot of anti-consumerism, anti-industry and general cultural critique. Unfortunately, the whole thing gets interesting only in the latter third, and the good cultural critique is scattered throughout that.

All things considered, this isn't a great movie, an interesting person or an interesting topic. For people unaware of the reality, this shows the broken side of certain kinds of artist.

Not recommended.

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This often has to do with literal intelligence (learning, memory), philosophy, scepticism, self-improvement or independence, and includes issues of culture jamming or corporate jamming.

NOTE - this is not a particularly serious project, and things get dumped here before being split off into more focused topics.

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A hacker learns reality is not as it appears.

A sci-fi ripoff of elements of Lucid dreaming, with elements taken from the Neuromancer/Shadowrun "cyberpunk" genres.

A pioneering movie for special effects, which have held up quite well, and its general pot and atmosphere. Technically not original for science fiction fans, but great nonetheless.

One of my favourites, although I really wish the actor playing Trinity (Carrie-Anne Moss) was good looking.

  1. The Matrix - (1999 movie)
  2. The Matrix Reloaded - (2003 movie)
  3. The Matrix Revolutions - (2003 movie)

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