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(on Wikipedia)

Smart synchronization / excellent mirroring program

Though legendarily-difficult to comprehend, it does work well.

If you are a beginner, AVOID THIS PROGRAM! .. you will hate your life.

  • NOTE - I have included some very old notes.

  • Remote synchronization

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TODO - add my notes, and scripts

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(on Wikipedia)

A program for identifying (and optionally deleting) duplicate files residing within specified directories.

An essential part of my toolkit, giving me detailed information on the tangled mess that are my archives.

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(on Wikipedia) [ 1 ] was

An FTP-like program which can also Mirror.

I use this to synchronize files over SFTP (SSH).

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A straightforward mirroring tool, with scheduling, exclusion and other useful features.

Instead of fucking around with some sort of special utility, Karen's Replicator just does the job. I believe this was my first introduction to her software.

As the author is deceased, Joe Winett has taken over its updates.

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