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Superman - (1978 movie) poster

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An alien grows up with super powers.

Bunches of this movie make no sense. It's cute and dated, but ultimately not great because of moments of terrible writing.

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Justice League - (2017) image

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Some superheroes are assembled, wielding the power of deus ex machnica, and and defeat bad guys that make no sense.

A bad movie, only made passable by Gal Gadot being so ridiculously good looking I lack the words to word about her looks.

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Suicide Squad (2016) poster

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Some bad mutants superhumans are assembled to fight others.

Basically forgettable except for Harley. Has bunches of characters nobody has heard of or cares about.

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Batman v Superman - Dawn of Justice (2016) poster

Yet another bland superhero movie.

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A privileged white nerd-boy never got his patriarchy membership card, so he sets up the most powerful being on earth by using astonishingly advanced alien technology because astonishingly advanced alien technology isn't good enough and he has to take down competitive patriarchy because something about good and god and evil and stuff.

This movie makes no fucking sense on so many levels, I may as well give it that fuckmenazi description. Characters don't make sense. Motivations don't make sense. Lots of action that didn't need to happen, or happened in the wrong way.

A character that gets whipped up out of nowhere, who only the comic book nerds will vaguely recognize.. and not even understand. Does anyone think all the little comic book nerd boys always wanted to be a woman-superhero? Uh, no. So not popular. So having no explanation, she was dropped in as a deus ex machina. A hot awesome one, but terribly-written and disruptive.

Furthermore, the appearance of The Flash (who I had to look up), made no fucking sense whatsoever. It wasn't even a deus ex machina, it was entirely unnecessary and confusing fluff.

  • Properly titled Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
  • Yes, it's properly titled Batman v Superman, because American theatre-goers know neither "versus" nor "vs.".
  • Followed by Justice League - (2017)

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