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This goes back in time to the original finding of the stargate, and stars a character we all know lives and so cannot be in any danger at all ever.

This just comes across like short-episode fan fiction.

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A client renown for actually being developed.

Oh my god it's like I'm the first person to look at the website or use the program.

  • php-like scripting language
  • Can interact with the shell

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Be a wizard that runs around casting spells.

Really hard to play, but because its gameplay is bad. A new game, but it looks and feels like a PlayStation 2 game. Get it if it's on sale for a laugh, otherwise don't bother with this one.

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Kids, the only survivors of a shipwreck, survive on a paradise island.

It's interesting, but not great. I stopped just before reading the chapter "A View to a Death" because it had been boring up to that point, and I could tell it was going to spiral into stupidity without a proper lead and reason for it.