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Be a wizard that runs around casting spells.

Really hard to play, but because its gameplay is bad. A new game, but it looks and feels like a PlayStation 2 game. Get it if it's on sale for a laugh, otherwise don't bother with this one.

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Kids, the only survivors of a shipwreck, survive on a paradise island.

It's interesting, but not great. I stopped just before reading the chapter "A View to a Death" because it had been boring up to that point, and I could tell it was going to spiral into stupidity without a proper lead and reason for it.

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Be a robo-ninja and stuff; another one of these "run around and mash buttons" games, but with an awkward wall running mechanic that you ignore and instead run around and mash buttons.

Overall I'm unimpressed.

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An experimental gate technique strands unlikely survivors on an ancient ship.

A fair show. That's pretty much all I can say about it, really. It has some significant presentation of humans being human, which is rare and special.

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These instructions were tested, and re-tested multiple times on devuan_ascii_2.0.0-rc_i386_dvd-1 on bare metal. They worked fine, but they magically stopped working, and so I'm giving up on this technology; it's too fucking hard to use.

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Devuan's installer has an encryption feature, but it formats your whole hard drive and uses LVM, neither of which I want.

  • Given a hard drive which has regular partitioning and not LVM.
  • Where a / (root) partition is encrypted (dm-crypt) and in use.

    • Such as with an earlier release of Devuan
  • Install Devuan, re-using the encrypted partition without re-encrypting/formatting from scratch.

    Note - I will be writing separate instructions on how to manually make and manage encrypted partitions.

For more information on encryption, see dm-crypt.

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