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As this is offered by my host, I let it get installed.

While I had some issues with caching and BlogText.. they ended up just going away.

NOT RECOMMENDED .. because it I wasn't able to easily remove it from my site once it had its claws in it.

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A Rebel in Time - (1983 book), by Harry Harrison image

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A man tails a racist who goes back in time to arm the slavers in the upcoming American Civil War.

Fair I guess. Not particularly time travel or science fiction, but once it gets into things it's more of a period piece; not my thing.

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KF5/Qt Video Subtitle Editor

Doesn't work.

  • There is supposedly a Windows version, but I can't see how to get it.

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Stargate Origins - (2018 show) image

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(on Wikipedia)

This goes back in time to the original finding of the stargate, and stars a character we all know lives and so cannot be in any danger at all ever.

This just comes across like short-episode fan fiction.

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(it has no icon)

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(on Wikipedia)

A client renown for actually being developed.

Oh my god it's like I'm the first person to look at the website or use the program.

  • php-like scripting language
  • Can interact with the shell

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