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DragonHeart (1996) poster

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A king, resurrected with half of a dragon's heart, rules with an iron fist but is opposed by his former-mentor, a former dragon-slayer now allied with that last dragon who has the remaining half of the king's heart.

A fine, action-heavy, fantasy. Has a lot of recognizable stars.

  1. DragonHeart - (1996 movie)
  2. Dragonheart - A New Beginning - (2000 movie) (sequel)
  3. Dragonheart 3 - The Sorcerer's Curse - (2015 movie) (prequel)

Legion (2010) poster

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A one-room horror where angels descend to destroy all of mankind because god left, but a baby is to be the saviour of all mankind.

Meh. This isn't a particularly good movie.

[[Dominion - (2014 TV show)] is based on Legion. I wouldn't consider this movie mandatory viewing before watching Dominion. In fact, I would recommend against viewing this movie because the series is so much better.

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