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Tiko is a unibody 3d printer which I backed.

To get this working, I had to really push hard to get the filament to load. This was a frustrating first experience. I was then entirely unimpressed with the quality of its prints, even after a lot of fiddling.

Later, when I returned to use it, it seems that filament has snapped off inside it, and it thinks its loaded and will not load new filament. Heating does not remove it. I fiddled a lot, once more.. I'm giving up on it, it's garbage.

I did end up fixing it.. after giving it away.

See Tiko first impressions. It fails, hard.

  • It requires a wireless internet connection.
  • You require a wireless connection to it.

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NZHT. 103-h2 case - black - front angle

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NZXT H2 Silent Mid-Sized Tower

aka NZXT CS-NT-H2-B or H2-001-BK

Conclusion: Seems great!

NZXT H2 Silent Mid-Sized Tower

I snapped off the front door, tried to glue it on and then snapped it off again. While it's not fragile as fuck, I'm clumsy and it's not very well made.

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