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Good time management is an incredible stress-reducer.

I think I've been able to bring my various experiences to a time management system which works for me.


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I act in cycles.  I am inspired by and I work on something new, and that inspiration shifts around.  I also have a tendancy to drop and pick up projects in cycles.  In the past I've dropped ideas for long enough for all effort to become meaningless given enough time, but these days I've been careful to cycle back to earlier ideas to scrape off the cruft and re-launch the project.

When I re-launch a project, I often find myself bringing significant maturity to the table.  I have new ideas and techniques, and I take a kind of sick pleasure in redoing much of my previous work.  This isn't just a programming thing.. it applies to anything that I've been working on.

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With a lot of ideas directed towards the HP 200LX

There is no limit to the goals you can attain, or the success you can achieve .... your possibilities are as endless as your dreams.

-- Success, by author unknown

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The following file, from rec.humor.funny, contains the answer to every conceivable OLC [ 1 ] I don't know what "OLC" means question. As far as I can tell, we ought to just post this message, close up shop, and go play frisbee.

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1. I don't know what "OLC" means