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(on Wikipedia)

A program to present a commandling dialog, that lets a scripter get user input.

Capable enough for everyday scripts. Capable enough that to get a "GUI" dialog, I would rather spawn a terminal and use dialog.

  • dialog
  • A GUI option would be Xdialog, which comes with most distributions.

    • 2016-03-29 - Xdialog does not come with Slackware 14.1
  • I think it's hilarious there are so many nice screenshots of a text program.

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Zenity infobox

(on Wikipedia)

A program to present a GUI dialog, that lets a scripter get user input.

I didn't use this for anything notable enough to form an opinion. It seems nice, but I didn't want to have yet another application, especially one with a dependency, when there's something commandline already (dialog).

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