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A girl is digitized, becoming a valuable commodity for people seeking power and immortality.

This might be interesting for fans of science fiction history, but it's dumb in too many places for me to enjoy it.

If you end up watching this, here are my edited Andromedia subtitles.

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It really looks great.

VueScan supports the CanoScan LiDE 120, which I tested it with.

It watermarks what it scans, unless you buy it. It's not worth $50 for something decent, because my scanner cost that. $100 to get OCR cooked-in also isn't worth it.

Black Panther - (2018 movie) poster

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After the assassination of his father, a new king is crowned for an insular but extraordinary nation, but he does not go unchallenged.

I decided to watch this, breaching my "no more superhero movies" position, because there was some fascinating drama surrounding it.

Not recommended: I can't understand why anyone would think this is particularly good for any particular reason. Aside from being all manner of racist, it does not provide any intellectual cud to chew on.

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Logan (Wolverine) gets tangled up with a girl fleeing a mutant research and breeding lab that is definitely nothing like that of Dark Angel - (2000 show).

Not recommended.

This is like a DC version of X-Men. It was passable at best, and a good way to put the whole series and concept of comic book movies to bed. I think I'll end them all on this low note.

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Future Man - (2017 show) image

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Time travellers recruit an everyman to help save their world.

Crude and un-funny.

Netforce - (1999 movie) poster

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Netforce, a United States federal agency, tracks major hacking activities on the internet that point toward major criminal activities.

Definitely a TV-movie. Mediocre, and only moderately interesting. Definitely missing key elements from the also-boring book.

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