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Highlander - (1986 movie) image

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A centuries-old man is embroiled in a sword-fight between other immortals.

This is one of those movies which forged my young self, but I cannot recommend to others. It definitely feels dated, and I doubt its ideas would be particularly shaping to others compared to the other movies created since this one.

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Almost Human - (2013 TV show) image

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A buddy cop show with an android, set in the near future.

It's great all around, especially the acting from the lead characters. Once the initial interest wears off, it lacks the good writing to give it either an episodic groove or an overall story arc. It's especially poor with an arc which could last it into another season, trivially-justifying its cancellation.

Recommended only for fans of "loose" science fiction who would be interested in the robot buddy cop angle. Watch one episode, then decide. Others can give it a pass, unless they like Karl Urban, who plays a cop played by Karl Urban.

Roughnecks - Starship Troopers Chronicles (1999-2000) dvd

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A military unit is sent on missions in a future where all of humanity is at war with alien insects.

The show is animated, and not "anime". As such, it has not held up well with time. The music is fantastic, though. Truly. However, its other high points do not make up for the visual issue I have.

While it doesn't do it for me, I would recommend this for fans of the movie or movie series who can also handle the visual style and jerky movement that to me is reminiscent of ReBoot (1994-09-10 to 2001-11-30 television show).

  • Properly titled Roughnecks: Starship Troopers Chronicles
  • Ran from 1999-08-30 to 2000-04-03
  • Based on the book.
  • Based the movie Starship Troopers - (1997 movie), and is definitely not a sequel to it.

The Mummy Returns (2001) poster

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Visions of a past life lead a woman to an ancient treasure, but it is also sought by others to both raise the dead and an army.

While it would be unfair to say this movie stinks, it's not great. The computer graphics used in it are uncanny and intrusive. It has action for action's sake, and where a light bubblegum movie is what it is, this movie lays it on intentionally thick, making it aggravating. Fans of its predecessor, The Mummy - (1999 movie), will find the feelings instilled by it are not reproduced in this sequel. It is an obvious money-grab.

DragonHeart (1996) poster

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A king, resurrected with half of a dragon's heart, rules with an iron fist but is opposed by his former-mentor, a former dragon-slayer now allied with that last dragon who has the remaining half of the king's heart.

A fine, action-heavy, fantasy. Has a lot of recognizable stars.

  1. DragonHeart - (1996 movie)
  2. Dragonheart - A New Beginning - (2000 movie) (sequel)
  3. Dragonheart 3 - The Sorcerer's Curse - (2015 movie) (prequel)

Stargate (1994) poster

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An ancient discovery in Egypt, from before the pyramids, is found to be a gateway to another world which is still kept as a slave planet by Ra, a self-appointed god who is an alien just trying to get by.

A fantastic movie. Not exactly mandatory. Perhaps elements of it don't feel like they have held up well, or maybe there has been so much excellent science fiction before, during and since its time.

Firefly (2002) cast

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A space-western with a motley down-and-out crew struggling on the edge of a semi-dystopian planet-spanning civilization.

Easily one of the best television shows I've ever seen. I don't just consider this mandatory, I will dog people to watch it. I bought two copies of this series just to give one away.

Let me stress this. This is a series so good that even after cancellation there was enough popularity to produce a movie. A movie for a cancelled series. The only one I've ever heard of. Serenity - (2005 movie) is itself mandatory viewing for those who have enjoyed Firefly.

Mandatory viewing. I have been brought to tears more than once.

  • Continues with Serenity - (2005 movie)

    • Serenity uses the same characters in the same world, but is not meant to progress story arcs from the series.

Underworld (2003) poster

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Vampires and lichen lychen lycan werewolves continue their centuries-long war, but the werewolves seek to gain the upper hand in hunting down a particular human.

A great movie which would be well-loved except for the unexplained, unnecessary and horrifying coloured contacts and occasional plot holes. Oh, and a more convincing main bad guy. Hot actors and convincing characters.. that about sums up my expectations for bubblegum action movies like this.

  • I have two versions, but I seem to have misplaced one. =(