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Roam around harassing NPCs and accidentally-clicking in combat.

It has some really obvious and fundamental flaws that make it just terrible to cope with. I feel like I have to struggle against its design. The abilities are buckshot across the interface, the inventory is a hot mess, and combat is awkward and unforgiving. The dialog trees are kind of stupid most of the time, and player customization isn't particularly present, which is strange for a roleplaying game. I can only see that this has appeal because there have been no decent AAA games lately, and their variety is absolute shit.

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A deadbeat dad decides resurrecting his dead wife is more important than raising his daughter.

Another low-effort, shitty, man-hating, adventure movie.

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Serpentine twenty-sided die from the Ptolemaic Period, Egypt

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The lawful evil perspective is generally thought to be the most long-term playable within a group of similarly aligned characters. Such a group will generally recognize that the attainment of power is of paramount importance, and will work together, if not as a team, to gain power.

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