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A crazy man is reassigned to work on a theory that has driven others mad.

Visual and kinda interesting, but it tries to hard to be bubblegum and has no resolution to meet its vague intellectual attempt. Not recommended; unsatisfying.

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This effect has been widely studied, especially due to Attention Deficit Disorder-related treatments.

This is meant to be a research topic, to dump various notes.. until I figure out what things are called and get some decent research done.

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Some people are influenced the opposite way by a medication. Research this effect. Check for applicability to becoming tired from caffeine, and such.


Stimulants work by increasing both blood flow and the levels of Dopamine in the Brain, especially the frontal lobes where the brain's Executive Functions take place. They also increase the inhibitory systems of the brain by enhancing Serotonin and Norepinepherine levels. They do not work by having some mystical "opposite effect" on children. [ 1 ] was

regarding caffeine

Opposite effects

regarding alcohol

An opposite effect is caused by chronic, or long-term, alcohol use. The alcohol in the system may activate enzymes which metabolize a medication faster or sooner than intended, thus lessening the medication's beneficial effects. The enzymes then remain activated, continuing to affect the metabolism of certain medications for several weeks, even after drinking has stopped.

Another risk: enzymes activated by chronic alcohol consumption transform some medications into toxic chemicals that can damage the liver or other organs. Alcohol can also magnify the effects of sedative and narcotic drugs; in other words, if you take a sedative and then drink alcohol, you might get dizzy or drowsy or experience impaired mental skills - adverse effects the medication was not intended to produce.


Ativan Oral

The elderly may be more sensitive to the effects of this drug, especially drowsiness and unsteadiness. Also, the elderly may not experience relief of anxiety with lorazepam. It may have the opposite effect on the elderly, causing mental/mood changes, sleeping problems, increase in sexual interest, or hallucinations. [ 2 ] was


Like many other drugs, it is possible to build up a tolerance to cocaine, which means people need to take larger and larger doses to achieve the same high. Some people may actually experience the opposite effect - a sensitivity to cocaine - where even tiny amounts are enough to prompt a rush.


Some users find that the drug helps them perform simple physical and intellectual tasks more quickly, while others experience the opposite effect. [ 3 ] was

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Genius is an indescribable and possibly ineffable quality, mostly because it is not thought to be a giftable state of mind.

Genius is a lucidity within the construct of a person's own mind. Its expression or even mere understanding is frequently bound by constraints due to language [ 1 ] See also the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis, which while wrong has some things to think about. , culture, education, motivation or environment.

If there is but one quality which describes the separation between creatures in this universe, it is the qualities that is genius.

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^ 1 See also the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis, which while wrong has some things to think about.

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This is often on the opposite pole of genius and is also seen in the child-like personality. The "downs" associated with being bipolar may be a side-effect of the "highs" of closeness to Enlightenment, i.e. the pseudo-"peak" experiences one might erratically have. It's probably that being bipolar can be a brain chemistry hiccup in some or in others it could be created via life experiences and real world highs and lows becoming a trend that the brain ends up mimicking.

I'll just be dumping various mood-related stuff here, since I'm not sure of the terms used for moods.

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Disambiguation - Hackers - (1995 movie)

2004-11-10 TODO -- Link to wanderlust and Zuihitsu and wiki gnome and more and more.

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Genius + Programmer = Hacker

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A broad concept applied to a person who has the hobbyist spirit to tinker.

This is a large topic which I have plenty of notes on which will eventually find themselves here.

  • A "hacker-type" is an individual who displays characteristics of or is in the early stages of being a "real hacker".
  • "Real Hacker" is a rare title given to individuals with notable skills as a hacker.

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