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Not to be mistaken for Hackers - (1995 movie)

2004-11-10 TODO -- Talk about the various 'hats' as a cultural concept. Talk about the other applications of this concept of expertise.. as with 'gear head'. Link to wanderlust and Zuihitsu and wiki gnome and more and more.

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Glider emblem

Genius + Programmer = Hacker

(on Wikipedia · Hacker culture)

A broad concept applied to a person who has the hobbyist spirit to tinker.

This is a large topic which I have plenty of notes on which will eventually find themselves here.

/tag/hackers and /tag/hacking

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Sleep and dreaming >

(on Wikipedia)

coming later

See also:

Ported 2005-07-31 from an earlier system. This project's original inception date is unknown.


  • I'm not even a lucid dreamer anymore, and haven't been for some time.
  • Sub-topics to it are still stranded on the old wiki.

It's likely everything got ported by 2006-03-11 or so.

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