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In a world without dads, children have no dads and act like they have no dads, causing everyone to be dismayed and blame guns.

This is an extremely feminine movie from many angles. It misses a few excellent opportunities to explore masculinity, such as the coping mechanisms the males with speaking roles vaguely display. Overall this appeals to everyone or you're sexist.

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A social media platform.

Positioned as a "free as in beer and free as in freedom" alternative to platforms like Twitter, minds has significant potential.

  • 2017-05-29 - Does not have proper web compliance and does not work 100% with Pale Moon.

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The author works to sell the notion of propaganda as a skill and service, inventing what is best described as "ethical propaganda". He used this to manufacture his relevancy and sell his career. This book is particularly interesting in that the author and what he writes can itself be understood by what is written. The teaching can be used on itself.

Its first half is boring as hell to me, but I guess it would have been fascinating back then. A little after the half-way point it has grown very dark, talking about leaders instead of elected officials and manipulation instead of representation.

It does show its age in a number of places, but its stories are trivially generalizable.

So far I guess I'd put this on an intellectual's book shelf, though it all seems obvious and not even particularly collectible. I'm not sure if it would "red pill" an everyday person or even be interesting to one.

Oxford Beginner's Chinese Dictionary

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Recommended - This book has value above and beyond being a book of definitions.

Feel free to change the URL from .com to your language of choice. Odds are good that it'll be available from another website.

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These are old notes from earlier short videos, which were removed and which I don't have.

This will get updated if and when I re-watch the proper thing.

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Philosophy in the Flesh - (1999 book), by Lakoff, Johnson image

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This book is mind blowing. I think the best description I can give of what it's topic and goals are is to present the first chapter, in full. From here I think anyone interested in the subject will understand fully where this book is going and the intentions of the authors.

  • Properly titled Philosophy in the Flesh: The Embodied Mind and its Challenge to Western Thought
  • By George Lakoff and Mark Johnson.

  • ISBN-10 0-465-05674-1

  • TODO - The various Wikipedia topics would need references to cognitive philosophy as a contraindication to the various topics, and in those topics to specifically cite passages in the introduction in this book.
  • TODO - Finish the linking.

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