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HardSID Linux Driver

A hardware card to use a Commodore 64 SID chip and authentically play its music.

  • Abandoned.


It's been quite some time, and the website isn't working.

The moderator of the mailing list was quick to approve my signup.

Sandor reports that the home page had hosting issues and now they've moved to Facebook

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This is currently particular to IBM PC-compatible computers. e.g. what everyday people have been incorrectly calling a "Windows PC".

Platform / Computer / Hardware > Operating System > Operating environment > Software > Projects (or whatever)

Phones are a major platform.


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The GP32 is a brand new handheld game console. It has double the resolution of a Game Boy Advance SP and up to four times the processing power. It is an open platform (like the PC) and a lot of private development has already begun, including emulating other game consoles on it.

Hot damn this thing's got potential.

  • It looks like this will be overtaken by the XGP and GP2X.
  • There were problems in 2002 with Game Park finding a European foothold, but that problem has apparently long been resolved.

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