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  • Played 2014-07 - 2015-08

Aliens destroy the world, and survivors band together to fight back using power armour.

A fantastic game, the likes of which I have never seen.

Unfortunately, it was abandoned.

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A fixed-angle-view roguelike.

My general conclusion is that it's a good game, but doesn't have enough variety of abilities.

  • Properly titled Diablo III
  • Path of Exile is better in terms of difficulty, complexity and player-immersion.

    • In fact, Diablo 3 has been copying features straight from Path of Exile. Doing things badly, but, still, obviously copying.
  • I played Diablo 3 on Linux for a while. It wasn't a pleasant experience.
  • Follows Diablo 2

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  • I'm an orphan from years of World of Warcraft, but that game has been sliding downhill for too long so I'm done with it.
  • 2015-09-17 I've been back on World of Warcraft for some time now.

While a really great game, it somehow didn't do it for me.

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See /tag/world-of-warcraft

A MMO whose defining qualities are its maturity, user base and low system-requirements.

Recently focusing entirely on endgame, to the detriment of all earlier content. Instead of improving the game in measurable ways, its developers use desperate psychology to string along its user base. DO NOT PLAY unless you're already playing. Then DO NOT STOP.

Once anything comes along that's decent, haul ass and bring everyone with you. Consider, for example, Guild Wars 2.

See also World of Warcraft performance improvements

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A free-to-play 2.5D action semi-rpg game. Get gear, assign your abilities, explore and kill. Procedurally-generated areas and special "maps" give end-game replayability.

While straightforward to get into, it becomes atonishingly complex and unashamedly hard. Astonishingly is now a word. They are also committed to keeping the game "hardcore" and not stooping to the level of appeasing the filthy casuals who ruin other games. This includes not avoiding pay to win.

Its developers care about their game more than any other developer for any other game I've played or have even heard of. Other than the little things, the game gets major updates every three months. Major as in expansion-quality new stuff.

Their community participation is strong.

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A procedurally generated survival game with shitty graphics, which became popular because it was first-to-market and took advantage of nostalgia.

Unfortunately, Minecraft was never completed and the author fucked off with the money to make another game. Even with extraordinary success, the author didn't make good on promises and the game was never finished.

I loved this game, and even bought it twice to support the developer, but because it was Java it would bring a computer to its knees. Being sold out to Microsoft (for their upcoming virtual reality stuff I'd bet) was bafflingly insulting.

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This got posted here instead of mobygames because they own comments after they are posted. No thanks, I write for me or for free.

Okami is a PS/2 game.  It's an action/adventure type game, with an expansive world to explore, a huge set of skills, a lot of things to do .. and is just generally fun.

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A tactics game so good it's worth buying a PlayStation 2 for.

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