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Why aren't there many geese here?

Well, I tend to make friends with people like me. People that do the same things as me and are interested in the same things as me. That's just how things work. Isn't that how you work? Aren't your friends mostly geese?

So I brought my friends, who are mostly ducks. So here we have mostly ducks. Most of the other people who were interested enough to come were also ducks, who brought mostly other ducks. Ducks share the same interests as ducks.

The question is, then, why didn't you bring any geese?

You came alone then blamed me for .. what.. not bringing your friends?

Why were you interested and your friends weren't?

You asked me a question you would be the expert at answering.

Regression (2015) poster

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A girl, hiding in a church, writes a letter to the police who, without evidence, raise a stink.

I couldn't get half way through this. Not only do the various genres in this movie not interest me, but it highlights "listen and believe". I fucking guarantee that's why Emma Watson is in this.

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Clerks II (2006) poster

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http://www.clerks2.com/ (gone as of 2016-02-22)

A guy, trying to finally pull his life together, has it ruined by a woman who forces him into fatherhood.

Very funny, but ultimately dark as hell.

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Breakfast at Tiffany's (1961) poster 1

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A privileged middle-upper class white woman loafs about taking advantage of her male harem.

Snooty as all fucking hell. I want to play father figure to the main character and paddle some sense into her. The characters and the way they're portrayed are so grating that I couldn't get to 25 minutes before being too disgusted to continue.

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