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The default Windows explorer.exe is unbearable after using SpaceFM on Linux for so long. I can't deal with multiple windows even with all the shit that's cooked into Windows 8.1 to supposedly help.

I need a tabbed explorer, and not some oddball replacement file manager.

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Chocolatey: mc

A commandline file manager.

Particularly easy to use and featureful. I consider this an essential tool, but usually forget it exists.

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For some reason, this is still included by default in many distributions.

It's an awful, awful program. Its UI is such shit that I've still got habits to double-check where my cursor actually is before interacting. Fuck you, PCManFM. Fuck. You.

  • A component of LXDE.
  • (almost) Entirely obsoleted by SpaceFM.

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The current god of file managers.

Originally a set of modifications to PCManFM, called PCManFM-mod. It got a life of its own, and was rewritten.

It's bloody amazing, and does so much "just right". I can tell that the author has his head on straight. It ought to be the default in every Linux distribution which uses GTK+.

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This program is no longer maintained, but it's the only worthy (slim and sensible) X file manager I could find.

thunar might be a challenger, except that sfm lets me very quickly use an alternate app.

  • Note that there are a couple of file managers named "SFM" or "Simple File Manager".

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