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A meal replacement beverage.

The cocoa version is like drinking chocolate ice cream, including the gummy mouth feel afterwards. It's definitely only a "treat" and not a meal replacement.

The vanilla has a definite flavor but is definitely tame. It also suffers from the mouth feel problem, which I think would be a problem for narration and singing.

See Soylent for a lot of notes which also apply to this product.

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Lately I've been making tea as a way to ritualize meals and add water to my diet, because Soylent tends to make the entire eating thing different.

I've had some terrible experiences with teas which would stain my teeth and upset my stomach with their "flavourings", so I looked around to find an alternative.

Boy did I find a damned good one.

  • Dilmah makes a pure single-source Ceylon tea. No flavouring and no extra shit.

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