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A social media platform.

Positioned as a "free as in beer and free as in freedom" alternative to platforms like Twitter, minds has significant potential.

  • As of 2017-05-29, minds does not have proper web compliance and does not work 100% with Pale Moon

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(This was originally written a few years ago, but I'm modifying re-posting it from my old website)

Emails are like old fashioned love letters. They are written on parchment using a quill, sprayed with perfume and sealed with wax. They are hand-delivered on horseback. They are read and perhaps re-read. They are replied-to and cited.

But they are private.

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A (the) Free/Libre version of Slackware.

  • 2020-11-19 -- Abandoned: Became DeLi Linux, which is also discontinued, and is abandoned.

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