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TRY HARDER - absorb ancient notes into more modern notes, and separate them by dates.

TODO - Is this out in blu-ray?

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Unfrozen after 300 years, the captain of the most powerful ship in existence moves to rebuild his fallen Commonwealth with the help of a rag-tag group of civilians.

This series is high quality with a light (sometimes cheesy) mood. Although I can say I love this series, it definitely takes a nosedive later in its life, and absolutely fails miserably in its final "wrap-up" season. It's like these writers sabotage their own work.

Upon re-watching this, I can say that I do enjoy it, but it's definitely pulp/drama as opposed to being actually-awesome. There are some layers to it, but its general theme of being "fun" gets in the way too frequently to have those subtle moments elevate the rest of it.

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