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Based on Chrome's open-source components (Chromium), but with real-browser functionality added.

Spectacular. It has all the pieces missing from Chrome. I'd strongly consider switching to it from Pale Moon if it had proper ScrapBook X support.

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An operating system most notably on mobile phones, but also found on media boxes.

Fundamentally flawed - It is tethered to Google in as many ways as they've made possible. From a time server, to internet traffic compression. From google play requiring an account requiring your verified phone number. From hoops to download and install software from their store. It's fucking awful.

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Disambiguation: Chromium (dietary mineral)


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A web browser compiled from the released source of Google Chrome.

It's simplicity is overdone to the point of losing functionality. Some of its preferences are so wrong that I can't use it, and because it's inflexible I can't fix their mistakes.

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Google's informal motto is/was don't be evil. They claimed to be pretty good guys.

However, Google has (as I figured) very obviously become Evil. Tracking.. hell, building activity webs. Why do you think they have all kinds of web developer services like captcha. They get to see who uses them.

So since they're evil, I'll stop using Google Search.

Instead, I'll use DuckDuckGo. They claim to be pretty good guys.

Hey wait.