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Swordfish - (2001 movie) poster

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A recently-ex-con world-renown hacker is swept into the well-planned efforts to fund long-term anti-terrorist terrorism.


Ignoring the Hollywood-hacker bullshit, it's a good movie, particularly because so few, at least at its release, would be so A-class and yet have this particular topic. It helps shape the understanding of the passion behind Lawful Evil.

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Real Genius - (1985 movie) poster

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A boy-genius is brought into an elite university to work on a laser project with a genius-misfit, but after its spectacular success they learn of its nefarious purpose.

While old, it holds up perfectly. A great movie, with a bunch of laugh-out-loud moments. Unlike the "frat boy" movies which are all about booze and boobs, this one shows genius with its hacker spirit.

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A book on a particular aspect of culture and events in the history of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

It glimpses into one aspect of "playful hacking", pranks and practical jokes.

  • Properly titled Nightwork - A history of hacks and pranks at MIT
  • ISBN 9 780262 661379
  • "Institute Historian T. F. Peterson" is likely a play on the MIT cultural acronym "IHTFP".

TODO - import more of its archived text

This is on my list of books to re-read.


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A book on the history of the demoscene.

This is on history and itself has become a collectable piece of it. I bought and read this years ago.. probably in 2007 or thereabouts.

  • aka Freax volume 1. - A brief history of the computer demoscene
  • by by Tamas Polgar, aka Tomkatz / Madwizards
  • Copyright and published by CWS Verlag
  • ISBN (blank)
  • Available as an e-book.

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Hackers (1995) poster

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Haunted by a criminal hacking change in his youth, a genius highschool student revives those skills when he makes new friends and discovers a nefarious plot from Superman III (1983).

This movie is comically fun with enough nods to actual stuff to make it laugh-out-loud for its superiors. I don't know if (or how) I could recommend this to anyone for any reason. It's dated in every respect, unrealistic and cheesy with no sign if that's intentional or not.. yet somehow I enjoy it.

I'd say it's worth watching for anyone born in the late 70s and early 80s who was into tech in their youth. Even then it's a weak recommendation. For anyone else, pass. Just. Just pass.

See also Hackers.

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Who Am I - Kein System ist sicher (2014) poster

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A young, broken, man, enters an underground community of computer crackers, trying desperately to prove himself but with consequences.

An extremely good movie. While not quite mandatory, it's definitely a proper advancement of the "hacker kid" movies that have sullied past movies. Highly recommended, even for people that "know their stuff", as it doesn't lay on the techno-babble which describes everything painfully wrong. Instead, it takes a reasonable middle ground, staying away from pop culture and fairly-firmly on the social side of storytelling.

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apparently a third season is being made.

Mr. Robot (2015-) poster

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A psychologically-disturbed young man's fantasies spiral out of control as he pursues a lunatic's dream for economic anarchy.

Fast and loose. This is one of those shows which tries to cash in on this generation's theme of general discontent. It generally fails. More-or-less entertaining.

For everyday people this is somewhat recommended. For fans of psychological stuff, and anti-corporatism, this is somewhat recommended. For people who know enough about computers but don't like psychological stuff or anti-corporatism, I do not recommend this.

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