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WarGames - (1983 movie) poster

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A hacker screws around with a game company's server, causing an artificial intelligence to stir up the military.

Both quaint and awesome. It doesn't hold up over time, so it does have to be understood in the context of it's era. Still recommended if you're old enough to do so.

  • Trailer
  • was mgm.com/#/our-titles/2117/WarGames ( apparently abandoned by mgm )

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Torrent - (2017 movie) poster

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I think there is some vague plot and acting, but the astonishing and unnecessary amount of flashing and jiggling is guaranteed to give anyone a headache.

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Everything is frail to failure. Be it hardware, software, data, business relationships, or people, nothing is immortal and immutable.

Many things are immediately recognized; the hardware and software, but we fail to see people; the wetware. They represent the intellectual backbone of major projects, the "wet infrastructure" upon which our technology relies, and when they cannot contribute, their projects suffer and we suffer. Their influence isn't just notable, but critical.

For the internet, esr calls them Load-Bearing Internet People.

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Swordfish - (2001 movie) poster

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A recently-ex-con world-renown hacker is swept into the well-planned efforts to fund long-term anti-terrorist terrorism.


Ignoring the Hollywood-hacker bullshit, it's a good movie, particularly because so few, at least at its release, would be so A-class and yet have this particular topic. It helps shape the understanding of the passion behind Lawful Evil.

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Real Genius - (1985 movie) poster

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A boy-genius is brought into an elite university to work on a laser project with a genius-misfit, but after its spectacular success they learn of its nefarious purpose.

While old, it holds up perfectly. A great movie, with a bunch of laugh-out-loud moments. Unlike the "frat boy" movies which are all about booze and boobs, this one shows genius with its hacker spirit.

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The Internet's Own Boy - (2014 movie) poster

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A documentary on Aaron Swartz and some of the major events he participated in.


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A book on a particular aspect of culture and events in the history of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

It glimpses into one aspect of "playful hacking", pranks and practical jokes.

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TODO - import more of its archived text

This is on my list of books to re-read.


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www.freax.hu [ 1 ] on archive.org

A book on the history of the demoscene.

This is on history and itself has become a collectable piece of it. I bought and read this years ago.. probably in 2007 or thereabouts.

  • aka Freax volume 1. - A brief history of the computer demoscene
  • by by Tamas Polgar, aka Tomkatz / Madwizards
  • Copyright and published by CWS Verlag
  • ISBN (blank)
  • Available as an e-book.

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Hackers (1995) poster

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Haunted by a criminal hacking change in his youth, a genius highschool student revives those skills when he makes new friends and discovers a nefarious plot from Superman III. (1983).

This movie is comically fun with enough nods to actual stuff to make it laugh-out-loud for its superiors. I don't know if (or how) I could recommend this to anyone for any reason. It's dated in every respect, unrealistic and cheesy with no sign if that's intentional or not.. yet somehow I enjoy it.

I'd say it's worth watching for anyone born in the late 70s and early 80s who was into tech in their youth. Even then it's a weak recommendation. For anyone else, pass. Just. Just pass.

  • PG-13 but has a topless woman sex scene.

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