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  • Umidigi Power 3

    Hardware > Phones (Android > Android 10) > (on Wikipedia, manufacturer) https://www.umidigi.com/page-umidigi_power3_activity.html A fantastic mid-range phone, notable for a 6,150 mAh battery, NFC and near-stock Android 10. Continue Reading

  • Wet infrastructure

    Writing > Computers, Internet > Everything is frail to failure. Be it hardware, software, data, business relationships, or people, nothing is immortal and immutable. Many things are immediately recognized; the hardware and software, but we fail to see people; the wetware. They represent the intellectual backbone of major projects, the “wet infrastructure” upon which our […]

  • USB dock gets slower over time

    USB > In Linux, in particular in Debian 9.9.0-i386-xfce-CD-1, file operations will grow inevitably slower until the speed is unusable. Continue Reading

  • Audio stuff

    Hardware > Audio > See also: /tag/audio-hardware Continue Reading

  • Blue Yeti Nano

    Hardware > Microphones > (on Wikipedia) https://www.bluemic.com/en-us/products/yeti-nano/ [ 1 ] was https://www.bluedesigns.com/products/yeti-nano/ A high quality budget microphone. Continue Reading Footnotes[+] ^ 1 was https://www.bluedesigns.com/products/yeti-nano/


    Hardware > https://www.ipevo.com/products/vz-r [ 1 ] was https://ca.ipevo.com/VZ-R_HDMI_8MP_Camera.html A document camera. On-device buttons, optical zoom, native H.264 hardware. Garbage; do not buy this overpriced toy. It’s only “good” because it comes with a stand, but newer webcams are coming out with the threading for mounting to a simple $20 stand. Continue Reading Footnotes[+] ^ 1 was https://ca.ipevo.com/VZ-R_HDMI_8MP_Camera.html

  • Using a second USB keyboard for macros

    Projects, USB Keyboards > I want to use a USB keypad to control elements of Open Broadcaster Software. This guide is good, but my script is very thorough. See key remapping.lua Continue Reading

  • Kobo Aura ONE

    Hardware > (on Wikipedia) https://www.kobo.com/ https://ca.kobobooks.com/products/kobo-aura-one [ 1 ] was https://web.archive.org/web/20190118143102/https://us.kobobooks.com/products/kobo-aura-one An E-book reader. Because this is my first e-reader, I can’t judge it against it’s peers. It works well. It is spectacular hardware-wise. Its software works, but it is sometimes obviously or even critically lacking. It lacking a file browser and respecting directories is bad enough […]

  • Flash storage reliability

    The Chain of Trust > I have trust issues with all storage, but flash memory-based storage is particularly unreliable. TL;DR – Stubby metal drives are a problem. Note that solid state thumb drives exist; use them. See also: Testing USB storage Continue Reading

  • “Resetting” a USB stick

    Hardware > USB > When a USB stick has been used for, say, a bootable Linux distribution, it usually cannot be re-used as a mass storage device by, say, Windows. These instructions are to wipe/reset a usb stick so it will work as it used to. (This is largely untested) See also: Making a USB […]